1. American Indian Tribe Changes Tactics in Ohio Casino Bid - Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro learned Friday that the Eastern Shawnee indian tribe are changing their tactics in their bid to build casinos in Ohio. They are claiming the legitimacy of the land in Ohio based on their previous land occupancy in the 1830s.
  2. Eastern Europe Casino Flair - The choice of eastern Europe's casino industry is huge. Many contries have evolved and so have the casinos within them. One great casino is surely the Casino Avalon in the Ukraine which stuns with architecture and casino.
  3. Ho-Chunk Casino: Back and Ready to Deal - Ho-Chunk is back and ready to deal after having a long pause via a State Supreme Court ruling. The games were pulled after the court ruled Gov. Jim Doyles negotiations with state tribes violated state and federal constitutions.
  4. Job Fair Seeking 600 Casino Employees in Orange County, Indiana - After the success hiring and beginning of training of 350 people to become future dealers, another 600 jobs are waiting to be filled. The next job fair will take place on August 18-19 in Orange County, Indiana to fill positions at the French Lick Casino and Resort.
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  6. Online Gambling Payouts: How Much a Win Pays - Online gambling payouts refer to the total amount you will receive if you win a game. Slots are considered to offer the best online gambling payouts.Learn about the different online gambling payouts of online casino games including which casino games pay most and which pays least.
  7. Professional Gambling | Money and Budget - Professional gambling takes as much planning and strategy as any business undertaking. Learn how to manage your gambling money and take the first step toward being a professional gambler.
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