Online Gambling Payouts: How Much a Win Pays

Online gambling payouts refer to how much a winning is. Payouts are often expressed in percentage or in ratio. They vary from one online casino game to another. Some online gambling payouts are no different from land-based gambling payouts, but in some casino games like keno, online casinos boast of higher payouts.

For card games like blackjack and baccarat, there are no differences between payouts in land-based casinos and online casinos. In blackjack, online gambling payouts are the same with land-based casino gambling payouts. For a natural, the payout is always 3:2; payout for insurance is 2:1, and payout for non-natural win is 1:1. In baccarat, the payout for Player and Banker hand is always 1:1, while payout for Tie is either 8:1 or 9:1. A 5% commission is also automatically deducted from Banker hand win. That leaves a 95% payout total to a Banker hand.

Online gambling payouts for roulette are also the same with land-based roulette payouts. The minimum payout is 1:1, and typically, this is for outside bets like red/black and odd/even, while the highest payout is for single-number bets. They pay 35:1.

Online gambling payouts for keno, however, are higher than their land-based counterpart. While keno payout in land-based keno lounges is just around 65-80%, online keno payouts are around 88-95 %.

Online gambling payouts for slots are considered the best payouts online, particularly for slots games with payout percentage that start at 98%.

Within a slot machine, payouts vary. Some symbols have lower payouts than others. The trend in slots is that the lower the payout, the more frequently it tends to hit. Progressive slots jackpot payouts are among the biggest payout amounts offered, with some jackpot prizes running up to millions of dollars.

Online gambling payouts are automatically deposited to your casino account. How promptly you can withdraw the payout depends on the online casino you signed up with. One of the most common complaints against online casinos is the amount of time it takes to withdraw one's winnings. Depositing money is quick and easy. Meanwhile, the least number of hours it takes for a casino to process a withdrawal request is 24 hours.

Online gambling payouts refer to how much a game pays if you win. Again, payouts vary from game to game. Some casino games have higher payouts than others. And while online gambling payouts of some games like blackjack and baccarat bear little difference from land-based gambling payouts, other games like online keno have higher payouts than its land-based counterpart. Such cases make online gambling more theoretically profitable than land-based gambling.