Eastern Europe Casino Flair

Eastern Europe consists of all the exquisite countries that should be on one's travelers list. We have so many countries and the countries of Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Turkey are just a fragment of the entire list. All of these eastern European countries have a great cultural background and outshine many other countries when it comes to style class and beautiful people. One thing that is clearly beautiful about eastern Europe is the prevalence of casinos.

Eastern Europe houses many casinos and the biggest of them all is situated in Slovenia. The casino is the Hotel Casino Perla which houses 850 slot machines and 49 table games. This stunner has all kinds of imaginable games such as Baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker, Blackjack, Double Deck Blackjack, French Roulette, Mini-Baccarat, Progressive Poker, Punto Banco and even Wheel-of-Fortune.

Many eastern European countries have only recently decided to push the casinos, while others like Poland and Turkey always had casinos legalized. Some eastern European countries only have one casino for the whole country like Bosnia and Herzegovina. The largest casinos can be found in the romantic country of Bulgaria although the three biggest casinos in Bulgaria are owned by a Turkish entertainment group.

There are many casinos indeed in eastern Europe, but only a few casinos really stand out. The Casino Avalon for example is situated in Kiev, Ukraine and stuns the visitor with its wonderful architecture. It reminds people of a mix between a renaissance dome and a lighthouse, because it is located at the pier area. The casino Avalon has 4 slot machines, 4 poker tables and 15 table games available. There are several hotels available that are situated near the casino Avalon as well.

Another casino that seems very intriguing is the Tower Voodoo Casino located in Riga, Latvia. The Tower Voodoo Casino comes with an attached hotel where you can also stay. This casino is fairly small and only has 10 table games, but the view at the Tower Voodoo Casino is simply stunning and reminds one of a pitch black voodoo doll.

A great eastern Europe casino is Casino Soola-Sfinks which you can find in Tartu, Estonia. As the name of the casino already reveals, the casino has an Egyptian touch to it and it has a total of two poker tables and two table games. The Casino Soola-Sfinks rather impresses with the name and the architecture rather than with the content, but this is nevertheless worth a pit stop.

Eastern Europe's casinos surely present the visitor with a wide variety in games and options. Whether to enjoy the scene, the architecture of the games itself; eastern Europe casinos are definitely worth the stroll.