The growth of the online backgammon market

The Backgammon market continues to grow as more are joining the revolution of making money through online backgammon affiliate programs. GammonEmpire, one of the leading backgammon server providers reports a growth in the number of online players. they reported an average of alsmot 5500 players online, said Matan Offer - the CEO of Gammon Empire.

When he was asked what is the secret behind his success, he replied that their software technology and aggressive marketing is what causes players to convert from fun players, to money players. He also said that backgammon and poker are very similar games, with similar probabilities.

GammonEmpire has two advantages over other poker rooms:

1. No competition - as of today, there are only a few other backgammon servers out there.
2. Non gambling - in contary to poker rooms and casinos, backgammon is not considered as a gamble.
so there is no need to suffer from credit card rejection or other financial and advertising restrictions.

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